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Where did the Junk Car Boys come from? Well that’s a simple question. Junk Car Boys was founded by two brothers Andrew and Joel Hahn. They were born and raised in Chicago, IL. They then relocated to the Northwest, over in Vancouver, WA. It’s basically Portland, OR.

They grew up in a family where they mainly drove junk cars. Unfortunately, back then, it wasn’t very convenient to get rid of a junk car. What would happen is when a vehicle would break down, it would just sit somewhere on the property. Their parents would just go buy another junk car that was bound to break down sooner or later. The only way to ever get rid of a vehicle, especially before the internet, was to call a local tow yard, and pay them to come and get it from you. Where the tow company would take it and throw it into their own auctions. Talk about a good time to be a tow company eh?

This main staple in their child hood got the brothers thinking as they got older, there needs to be a solution to this big problem….You see now what is Junk Car Boys, where they buy any car, running or not, with any problem and send a tow truck out to you to pay you on the spot and tow your car, truck, van or SUV away. It’s probably the easiest thing you will ever do.

The company now has all 3 brothers in the family working towards a main goal, along with their very special team of car buyers who are like family.

“Life is just awesome! Every day we get to come into work, and actually help people who don’t know what else to do with an otherwise headache of a problem. We can truly take pride in what we do day in and out.” Andrew Hahn said in an interview.

The Junk Car Boys guarantee that if you use them one time, you’ll love them for life.

Thank you to all customers who have given us the opportunity to earn their business, and a special thank you to those who are going to give us the chance in the future.

Pickup you phone and give us a call to get an offer for your car now!

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